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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 16, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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and save an incredible 40% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. i am eric bolling, with bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld, andrea tantaros. this is "the five." ♪ oprah winfrey's highly anticipated new movie "the butler" opens up nationwide, it is about cecil gains an african-american butler that worked for eight presidents. >> you know, he got that job his self. the white house called him, he didn't call the white house. >> i want to hear all the stories. >> i don't know how many stories you going to hear, they done swore him to some kind of secret
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code. so proud of you. >> get the hell out. >> i'm sorry, mr. butler, i didn't mean to make fun of your hero. >> great story. for some reason, oprah has been all over town talking race the last couple weeks. here she is talking about people using the "n" word. >> a lot of people think if they're not using the "n" word themselves, they physically are not using the "n" word themselves and do not harbor ill will towards black people, but to me it is ridiculous to look at that case and not think race is involved. >> she's comparing trayvon martin to emmitt till. >> he became a symbol for those times as trayvon martin is a symbol for this time. there are multiple trayvon martins whose names never make the newspapers or the headlines. the circumstances surrounding that allowed it to be, but there were multiple emmitt tills,
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multiple lynchings, multiple young black boys. >> whose names are not remembered. >> whose names are not remembered and often not reported. >> so is this a smart move? millions of people admire oprah for what she accomplished, me inclusive, a great american success story. why does she want to get in the middle of these controversial issues. disappointing for me. what's the point of playing the race card. >> she wants people to see the movie, good way for people to see the movie. the race debate is integral in the movie. look, she has made millions of dollars, she can say what she wants. it is not a brand issue. i don't think it was fair for her to get into the emmitt till issue. i want to talk about where she talked about people being racist, we always confuse the word racist with prejudice. there's racists out there, sure,
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but we are all guilty of prejudging, prejudice, that's where the word comes from. i prejudge, you prejudge. if oprah doesn't prejudge, she's a liar. i am in a neighborhood, i see someone black or white, i lock the doors. i am not a racist. someone walks in with clothing like the duck dynasty guy, people judge. >> bob, at one point oprah talked about the trayvon martin case and said well, it is hard to say it is not about race. well, just because it may or may not be about race, doesn't mean it is racist, true? >> it is interesting, despite her brand, her brand is settled, she made that brand based on not somebody that gets into the race issue. in fact, the first time she did an overt race issue is when she endorsed barack obama. maybe it is about selling the movie as part of it. i think she's starting to break
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out a bit. has a new network. she was frustrated not talking about race until now. >> some would say i agree with this, she probably should have stuck with the original oprah show with the huge audience, she could interview paula deen one day, and ref recommended al sharpton the next. >> i don't think so, i don't think so. that had run its course, it was a great show. talk about somebody that helped us deal with prejudices we may have had, oprah is a great example, you wanted to tune in every day, you got to enjoy her and you got past the color thing. i had a chance to go with mrs. laura bush when her be book was done, first time i got to meet oprah. she has this amazing charisma with her audience and she was lovely. everybody that worked for her was lovely. i listen to her on this, i think the movie is coming out at a time they didn't know the trayvon martin trial was going to end, right as the movie was coming out. as she's going to do the interviews for the movie and promotion, she's asked about race a lot.
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these are her opinions, the emmitt till is not one i would have made, but she's oprah. she can teach us a lot. even if it is to make us think wait, i wouldn't think that, she doesn't try to impose her views on anybody, i don't think. >> i am going to take the other side of this. i think oprah lost a lot of her relevance and i think this is an outcry for attention. >> i don't know. what's green and loves millions? okra winfrey. we are the last people to give career advice to possibly the most successful talk show host on the planet. to actually question whether she can weigh in on race to me is ridiculous. i live my life according to oprah, have a cat named stedman, best friend's name is gayle, every year i give out my
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favorite things, a picture of geraldo and fresh roll of toilet paper. every one of the audience members gets this. by the way, the only thing i have a problem with with oprah, i think she's great, love her, it is the health stuff on her show, the fact she in dull jes jenny mccarthy on the vaccination nation stuff, she has to -- she should protect her audience. her audience are women that come and are looking for positive things. they look for things that help them, longevity, to look better. should have somebody that acts as a filter against the quackery. oprah would be better served to be that filter, protect her audience from -- >> i would be hypocrite if i didn't point this out. oprah winfrey talks about when she was a victim of racism. now, eric holder did it, called him out. president obama did it, called
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him out on it. take a listen to oprah talk about being a victim of racism. >> have you ever been called the "n" word at any point in your life? >> i would have to say racism for me doesn't show itself that way. so i don't have it the same way as other people. i will tell you this. i was in zurich the other day, i go into a store which shall remain unnamed and say to the woman excuse me, may i see that bag right above your head? and she says to me no. it's too expensive. and i said no, no, no, see, the black one, the one that's folded over. she said no, no, no, you don't want to see that one, that one the cost of which you will not be able to afford it. i said no, i really did want to see that one. she refused to get it. she refused to get it. >> rather than being so thankful she lives in a country where someone who grew up with nothing
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can end up a billionaire no matter the color of your skin, man, woman, child, doesn't matter, there's opportunity here, and shouldn't she be focusing on that rather than being told she couldn't afford a bag? >> i am a little skeptical of this story. i wish they would release the videotape. you know there's a tape in that switzerland boutique. oprah has in fairness since come out and apologized for telling the story and naming switzerland. the store keeper denied it happened. i wasn't there. all i know is this, i have been in the fancy stores when i am not dressed like this, i get treated the same way. i don't go in there in workout clothes. i have been denied a bag. people treat you in a snob ee way. i don't think it has to do with skin color. again, she has a great movie, there's opportunity for her to talk about "the butler" and the real story of the movie and she
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doesn't. >> i thought it was about gerard butler. i was really disappointed. >> they won't serve me. >> if you go to dressing room, fall asleep. >> i think anecdotes are helpful to understand. >> can i take a shot at emmitt till a second? >> tell the audience. >> he was a kid from chicago who had gone to mississippi to visit his family. he was in a store. he made a comment about a white woman and that led to him being picked up by a bunch of racists and murdered. that was the emmitt till reference. >> brutally murdered. >> to say the least. >> shot through the head, thrown into the river. >> all for making a comment about a white woman that was not all that offensive. >> was it fair to to relate the trayvon martin case --
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>> i don't think so. till became a symbol for that era and i don't think that was the right example. >> i don't know. i think there will always be a difference of opinion and it will never change, so why don't we just move on. i think oprah can have a lot of fun with us by constantly saying things every day, seeing if we will cover it. like you know what, i don't want mayonnaise on my tuna fish sandwich. then "the five" the next day will go tuna fish, really, oprah, tuna fish and mayonnaise? what is wrong with you! what is happening to you! could this hurt your brand? >> i like mayonnaise! >> i hate tuna fish but love mayonnaise. >> it is weird, you can't separate the two. >> i hate mayonnaise and love tuna fish. >> she is not immune from criticism because she's oprah winfrey. >> of course. >> she has made some -- she's brilliant obviously at what she does, but this is a change for her. i don't know how, unless
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somebody can remind me sometime she broke out on this. >> every large problem in america effects minorities more than they do the general population. so if you talk about general problems, perhaps that helps. >> she built her brand, her show is successful. oprah network became oprah network, she never saw a difference in someone's skin color. her audience was across all racial lines. >> so when president bush's book came out, called decision points, he did an interview with her, they had a great time together. separately on the oprah winfrey network on the cable channel, they did outtakes. it was one of the things people watched repeatedly. they watched on the network, yes, but then on this cable channel i would hear about it. oprah winfrey said she needed to apologize to president bush for things she said about hurricane katrina, after she read the book, she understood part of the law piece and she apologized in
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front of her whole network, it was included in the show, and people saw it on own network over and over. there were times when she has made a mistake, owned up to it, put it on -- >> what about the author she had on, that big controversy, a million little pieces. had to apologize for that. again, oprah is so rich, so successful, i think, eric, she is a little hungry to get back in the light. the channel is struggling. i wish she would use it the way she did when she had her tv show. >> that was my point. i honestly wish she still had the tv show. >> is anybody surprised she's talking like race and emmitt till and trayvon martin, she also was another person didn't mention those three kids on the bus. >> no one in the media asked her about it. you look at all these interviews, she's being asked to comment on the "n" word, asked to comment on paula deen, it is being thrown at her.
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i don't think -- >> she's no dummy, dana, she could answer it any way she wants. she could say how about this, how about this in the black community. she chose not to. >> she could have mentioned that instead of emmitt till. >> not sure she was asked. >> there's a reason she's the national spokesperson for so many places. she has appeal, charisma. >> if you want the toilet paper, you have to tweet me, i will send the toilet paper. this is my favorite thing. we have to go. next on "the five." outrage over a planned million muslim march on the anniversary of 9/11. hannity gave the organizer a piece of his mind last night. we have the tape next. how do you do a summer clearance event the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪
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welcome back to "the five." the million muslim march is causing controversy across the country. yesterday, its organizer sat down with sean hannity to talk about it. he tried to say they just want justice. he told sean hannity we are standing to show we're muslim, denounce terrorism and stand with solidarity that we were victimized 9/11. sean hannity challenged him, said that's not exactly what your statement said. we called care, a moderate
2:18 pm
muslim organization for comment. they said, eric, they are not getting involved in this rally at all. they have nothing to do with it. they call him an antisemite whack job. he was on "fox and friends" this morning. this is a little strange. >> to be clear, dr. suti isn't part of care, care doesn't want to get involved, it isn't a muslim march, it is a 9/11 truther convention that's going to happen in d.c. i watched that interview with sean and the rabbi and him coming in afterwards. it is obvious what they're up to. trying to say we had nothing to do with 9/11, 19 radical islamists flew planes into the building killing 3,000 people. eventually you'll realize -- >> you listen to that guy, i think dana's point is right, i don't think they pull it off at
2:19 pm
all. one thing if it was muslims and had care behind it, this is a birther, a little bit of a whack job, a lot of a whack job. >> dana, we called care for comment. here is their statement. i would love for you to weigh in. no mainstream muslim organization is involved with this event, care will not be participating in any way. do you think they had an opportunity to go further? >> yes, they always do and they never fail to disappoint because they never say we should be marching to give our thanks to america because the government does a very good job of protecting us, we have to keep working at it, blah blah blah, something like that. i think this proves that anybody can say they're going to have some million march, greg could have a million munchkin march. >> wow. >> it would be an amazing event. you get people to follow you on twitter. >> you okay? >> i was having a good day, everything was fine.
2:20 pm
i had a snack before the show. then you have to do that. >> you were eating crackers and sweet butter. >> yeah. >> shave? >> i didn't shave. i got up and walked home and then i ended up in the studio. then i found this next to me on my bed and it scared me. >> is anybody interested in the rest of greg's day? >> i have a feeling this whole thing sounded good at the mosque. you come up with an idea at the bar, you think this will be great, you wake up, and you were drunk. but you weren't drunk at the mosque. my advice to him, change the date, number one, just change the date. don't have it on september 11. and instead of marching, try melding. you can't spell asimile without islam. >> can i ask you this, bob, what
2:21 pm
would happen if americans tried to organize a million man march in saudi arabia the day of bin laden's death, because in their original statement this group said we demand our first amendment rights be protected, we're calling on the u.s. government. they are in this country, they can have a march, build a mosque. we had this national debate. what would happen if it were the other way around? >> it wouldn't happen, that's the point. >> any survivors? >> first of all, there's no alcohol. number one. that's why it is not happening. >> they have no alcohol there, then get on a plane, get loaded when they're flying around. listen, i think it is pretty obvious the saudis have covered the relationship and let them continue to work, they were willing to protect the kingdom and sent all this money and guys to pakistan to learn to be terrorists, so the saudis are more behind this than anybody else. >> they should hook up with
2:22 pm
comic-con, might be able to get 200,000. >> that would be fun. >> comic-con? >> yeah, the comic heroes. >> you were talking about my crowd, commies. >> not that many people there. >> 10,000 people, i think they'll try. >> there will not be 100. do i think more than 100 truthers will show up for this million whatever they call it march? no. >> people have to work. >> they did the occupy crowd. >> there's probably enough nonmuslims that show up. >> people that show up for this won't be working, that's the key. september 11, i don't know what day. >> wednesday. >> you're going to be working, not going to go. people that show for that are people that show up for anything. comic-con. >> you showed up for that free toilet paper give away the other day. >> how could i turn it down. >> glenn beck doing his rally at
2:23 pm
lincoln memorial at martin luther king's i have a dream speech, it is as insulting as that was to me. >> so insulting, disrespectful. still to come, a duck dynasty star kicked out of a new york city hotel after being mistaken for a homeless man. you'll love hearing jase robertson's story next. the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff
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♪ horrible song. >> great song. surprise you're dead. the biggest creeps on earth are those that claim to love it, their love is hate for people, specifically poor people. case in point, jorn lumberg. he reports that activists in the philippines destroyed a field of golden rice, genetically modified to contain vitamin a.
2:28 pm
of the 3 bill that eat it and aren't at risk for that deficiency, it prevents deaths and a half million kids from going blind. these activists are accessories to mass murder. hang them by their toe nails. they operate from the notion that everything on earth is good and everything made my man is bad. it is propagated by green journalists against monsanto. remember the ddt ban, a million babies won't. the ban allowed them to die from malaria. lucky for them, they have no problems getting vitamin a, their maids do the shopping. while it is cool to push fake fear about genetically modified foods, it kills people. celebrities march against monsanto, but they're marching
2:29 pm
against progress. they turn a blind eye to those whose blindness they cause. >> you didn't read my notes? >> when did they put this in? >> what are you talking about? >> i didn't know they were doing this. >> what? >> this whole thing. >> would this have changed anything? you wouldn't have done any preparation. >> i could talk about it now. >> go for it. >> i lived in the philippines. tell you an interesting thing, i don't know anything about this. here is what happened. there was a tribe in the philippines isolated for thousands of years, and they went in, green people wanted to get in touch, try to help them, they all died off. >> really? that was an amazing story, bob. >> very different from other anecdotes you told us about your days in the philippines. >> that relates to the topic. well done. >> leave it alone.
2:30 pm
>> andrea, try to save this. going back to rachel cars on, silent spring, demonizing malaria, millions die when environmentalists get involved. >> it is true, or new york city mayors. even here in the big apple, there's a homeless group was organizing a food drive. mayor bloomberg did not think the food was acceptable because it wasn't healthy enough. >> had too much salt. >> so would they rather have the homeless starve? yes, i believe they would. i would like that bjorne, i would love him to live in the field. >> he is for it. he is a good guy. >> one of the activists live in the field, see what happens when they get hungry if they would eat the rice. >> how many would die without the clean air and clean water act? >> you want to know how to get the green activists to be for genetically modified food? tell them it will save global warming. if it would do something for global warming, they would be oh, we're for that. >> somebody answer the question about clean air and clean water
2:31 pm
the republicans try to take down. >> you mean the one richard nixon passed? >> yes. >> was amended to be improved under the republicans? >> hey, eric. >> yes. >> since global warming is dead thanks to facts and data, bob, do you feel moving to genetically modified foods and going after monsanto. >> they're environmental terrorists, holding up fracking projects and it is bringing jobs. genetically modified agriculture could save the world. and the other part is almost all our corn feed, almost all our soybeans are already genetically modified. it will be bring food to starving areas. >> would the world be better without environmentalist. >> they can't afford it now,
2:32 pm
they need to produce more. >> you have to have, i can't remember the name of the company, american company that figured out how to inject protein into wheat, so if that was the only thing you had that day, you were getting a more balanced nutrition because of it. it is scientists that are actually helping, and they don't have any proof on the environmental concerns. they just are worried about it. >> there are good environmentalists like bjorne, they believe in nuclear power. it is cleaner. everybody is for the environment. i don't like radical environmentalists. earth bursters would put spikes in trees so when loggers would saw, they would lose it -- >> and environmentalists on the love canal and things like that. >> you know what, how to improve that, economic growth and having a more prosperous country means you have more money to spend on things like improving the environment. that's what actually helps us.
2:33 pm
when you don't have the money to development new, clean technologies or this type of genetically modified food, that's when you suffer. >> i want to know why lefties don't give credit to the republican party, specifically to nixon for starting the epa. >> i do give him credit for that, then the republican party tried to take it apart piece by piece after that. >> monsanto, all these companies are doing it without subsidies, they do it because it makes sense. >> well -- >> may be the largest welfare cheat in the world. >> okay. all right. >> let that one by. >> farmers benefit from the farm bill. >> you said monsanto. the wrong example. >> you can't blame them for selling the seeds, took money because he got money from the farm bill. >> i like environmentalists, save the people before the whales, that's all i am saying.
2:34 pm
>> what would you do without whales? >> not a big fan of whales. ahead on "the five," a-rod or a-rack. did he have his people implicate ryan braun? our baseball expert, dana perino, has the low down next. ♪ when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
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new details in major league baseball reveal that alex rodriguez ratted out two other players, ryan braun and francisco cervelli for their drug usage. new information comes to light less than two weeks after mlb, just kidding, i know that, bud selig suspended a-rod, discussion, bob, why are you laughing? >> this would be like me doing a segment on cooking. really. >> okay. here's the deal, eric, rodriguez apparently his camp which we think is like his management team, pr people, gave documents and information about ryan braun and teammate francisco cervelli, said they were involved in the
2:40 pm
biogenesis scandal. america wants to know. >> it is kind of important. >> is he a snitch? >> he is perceived, he will be perceived as a snitch, a rat. can you imagine being in the yankee clubhouse, thinking people leaked that one of your teammates was using steroids, couple other high profile players, tough for yankees fans and tough for baseball in general. this is one of the reasons i honestly believe this, stop putting the stigma on steroids. >> doesn't make for real athletes. they're robotics. >> again, you can't police it. most of them are doing it anyway. why are you picking out three or four -- >> i want to know more about the details that happened from dana. >> all i know is apparently, well, okay let's just say i know nothing. i do know this.
2:41 pm
i am going to ask greg something. as an older person, i wanted you to comment on this. if he gets suspended 211 games, he is 38, he will be 40 at that point. what's the point. shouldn't he pack it in. >> that's two days in a row you defended elderly americans. the media is defending a-rod, you pack it botox. i will show you what dana perino looked like before plastic surgery. and i think we have another picture of her getting her nails done here. so everyone uses something to get ahead, just this morning bill o'reilly, saw him in bathroom eating a bald eagle. keeps his skin fresh. >> can we point out he is playing during the suspension. >> he will be playing during the suspension. okay. >> who, bill o'reilly? >> okay. andrea, help me. >> i think we should let her
2:42 pm
explain it like the bulls the other day. >> i can explain. i know about rodeos. >> he figures he will fight like hell, do whatever he has to do. if he takes two years off, fulfills the suspension, comes back at 40, 40 years old, if he gets out, that's two years he won't be playing, here's the deal with a-rod, he is a jerk to begin with, he is a jerk to begin with. i can see his point. he looks around, goes why am i getting the stiffest punishment of the group and getting the harshest one? he held a press conference a couple years ago, remember, he admitted to using drugs, he probably cut a deal with mlb, said he would never do it again, and ended up on this list, and now he is snitching everyone else out. he feels it is unfair to him. >> is that a political leader? >> i have a question for eric, though. wait, he gets suspended but gets to play? >> because he is appealing the suspension. >> like lois lerner on
2:43 pm
administrative leave. >> say it happened to mark mcgwire. do you think he should have kept those 72 home runs? >> this is bud selig's fault. he after the strike, no one wanted to watch baseball, he let them all juice, they were all firing them out of the stadium. i am a terrible baseball player, but he let this go on because people were interested in the game. you had all of them hitting it out of the park, he loved it, didn't do anything about it. allowed that a-rod press conference to go on, now we're supposed to believe he is serious? >> you know whose real fault it is? president obama! this is his way of undermining the american past time with the assistance of oprah winfrey. >> that's exactly right. can i say one thing about a-rod, he is still a phenomenal
2:44 pm
baseball player. >> phenomenal. >> and great kisser. >> one of the best baseball players to play. >> he has been playing all right. phenomenal? >> yeah. >> if i was juicing, i would be phenomenal, too. >> the yankees want their title back. >> new rules in baseball this year? challenges. they're going to have -- >> how annoying, they'll be like eight hours long. >> one in the first sixth, two in the last. >> could be a half hour longer. >> going to the booth? >> you know what i can't believe? that the nationals are 14 games back. i heard you say that earlier. >> i don't think the games are long enough. >> are you kidding? all right. coming up. >> like a soccer game. >> one of the duck dynasty stars was a victim of facial profiling, we will tell you about jase robertson's run in at a new york city hotel earlier this week when we come back. ♪ alert.
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♪ y'all hang on, andrea has a hell of a story to tell you. duck dynasty clan stormed to manhattan to promote the new season and their wildly successful reality show. willie robertson was here tuesday. one person in the big apple apparently doesn't have a and e. listen to what willie's brother jase says happened when he asked the hotel employee where to find his bathroom. >> first thing that happened to me at the hotel, i got escorted out. >> why? >> i think it was a facial profiling deal. i asked where the bathroom was. >> are you serious? >> i asked where the bathroom was, he said right this way, sir, was very nice.
2:50 pm
walked outside, pointed down the road, said good luck, have a good day. i go back around, my wife said what happened, i said i just got kicked out. he just didn't know. that's fine. >> facial profiling. i don't like facial profiling. >> he was very polite. >> at least he was nice. >> great way to handle an embarrassing situation. andrea, can you tell us an embarrassing situation that happened to you? >> i can. >> please do. >> i used to be mary matalin's intern, they invited me to their house. they had a trampoline, was doing kicks and jumps, everyone was watching, i split my pants wide open. bare cheeks everywhere at a picnic. >> what were you wearing? >> that's not important. but thanks, bob! anyway, turned out okay, i laughed about it, and mary
2:51 pm
loaned me a cardigan to tie around my waist. >> god, wish i had been there. >> can i just point out that's the way to handle an uncomfortable situation as opposed to the way oprah did we talked about in a block, comes on tv, makes fun of the store owner. >> but everybody has a butt. >> embarrassing situation. >> i kind of think of one, there's plenty, but i was thinking about how nervous i get to go to a place to ask for a restroom if i am not a customer, you don't want to just go in, especially hotels around new york, it can be embarrassing to walk in, ask to use the restroom. i'm always afraid i am going to be kicked out. >> why? >> i feel guilty about it, like i should buy something if i use
2:52 pm
the restroom. >> that's good. okay. dana, that's good. i like that. shows your sensitivity. greg. your situations -- >> i want to talk about what happened in this segment, which is that nobody talks about reverse profiling. they talk about profiling, but reverse profiling is when people treat you better than you should be treated based on your appearance. this happens all the time to good-looking people. they can walk in, be treated better than anybody. and it is encouraged by society by dressing for success. if you walk in looking like a bum, you'll be treated that way because we tell people that's how it works. as an attractive person, i feel guilty about this. i can walk into anywhere, get anything i want served to me, i can use any bathroom in new york. they say greg, do it here, don't need a bathroom. >> did you watch dale carnegie? >> i got thrown out of a hilton
2:53 pm
hotel once because i had long hair, a beard, and i smelled and they wouldn't let me use the bathroom. i plugged the toilets with paper and left. one more thing is up next! ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe...
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all right. friday edition of one more thing, saturday for the reair.
2:57 pm
andrea, you're first. >> liberal policies coming to restaurants. one owner jay porter says not tipping should be the new policy. at his restaurant, he puts 18% flat on all checks. this way the servers can focus on doing their jobs. they don't have to worry about making more money. more of this stuff. this is ridiculous. he says what he does, he collects the 18%, then he hands it out to everyone, he spreads the wealth around because he thinks people will work harder. there's no incentive to work harder if you know you get the flat 18%. it is ridiculous. >> tell me what you think, how about tipping so much in front at the beginning of the meal. if you're a good tipper, you tip up front, most appreciate that. dana is next. >> hugh hewitt, wonderful guy, follow him on twitter, had a great suggestion. said mark stein, radio host, author, thinker, writer, should run for the u.s. senate in new
2:58 pm
hampshire. mark stein replied well, basically he did not shut the door on it, he said markmentum. he has a website. do you think mark stein should put his hat in the ring for u.s. senate -- >> he is canadian, isn't he in. >> you can run for senate. >> if not an american? >> i believe so, if you're a resident, of course. >> no. >> they're telling me to move on. >> anyway, i am for mark stein. >> great guy, by the way. greg, you're up. >> banned phrase. value added. i don't understand this. what is value added mean? when they say that, does it mean it is improved? >> you add value. shut up with your value added. shut up! >> wow! >> price point. >> 36th anniversary of the death of the greatest rock and roller of all time, i want to listen to his greatest song.
2:59 pm
♪ can't find a partner use a wooden chair ♪ >> there he is, the king. we'll miss him. mixed gospel with rock and roll, was the guy kicked it off. keith richards book, people say elvis presley was the single greatest influence on the rolling stones. >> very good. my one more thing, check out shaean hannity, has a studio audience with mark levin. great book. should be a great show. >> need to plug that book more. >> like your book. >> need another special. maybe an hour in the morning? it is only number one now. >> it is number one. >> it is number one now. >> but i don't think number one is enough. >> you have your next book out, should have -- >> i want an hour about my book. how about that. >> when is it coming out? >> comes out in march, paper back in january. not telling you what the new one
3:00 pm
is called. >> cashing in, 11:30 tomorrow, red eye tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. >> i am on greta tonight! >> have a fantastic weekend, everybody. thanks for watching. stick around. "special report" is next! the muslim brotherhood calls for a day of rage following the deaths of hundreds in egypt, and that's exactly what it gets. this is "special report." i am john roberts in for bret baier. there was not a pretense of nonviolent protest in egypt, following the death of more than 600 people wednesday, the muslim brotherhood took to the streets on a self proclaimed day of rage, armed and dangerous. so far at least 64 people have been killed today. we have fox team coverage tonight.


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